When there is no Doctor

Your on your own.

Are you as green as grass when it comes to taking care of minor ailments? Here is where you will find solid, helpful information on herbs, herbal remedies, make it yourself herbal medicine and any thing that can help when there is no Doctor available. I’m not a professional herbalist, just a Mom and now Grandma, who has been doing it a long, long time.

*  *  *

The hardest part about using herbs and herbal remedies is not which herbs to use on a particular health issue. It is knowing what that health issue is. For instance; how do you determine the difference between a skin staph infection or a severe allergic reaction. Both tend to look about the same.

The best advice I can give the novice healer is to treat the illness or injury for 3 days, if nothing appears to be happening or helping, change herbs or treatment.

Turmeric and cayenne pepper will stop profuse bleeding in a large wound or gash. Burns like hell thou, but it really works. Yarrow is as good of a styptic as you’ll find. To make a yarrow styptic gather fresh yarrow and dry it. When thoroughly dried, it is ready to powder and store. Sprinkle a small amount of the powder on an open wound to slow the bleeding. My be taken in a tea form to help stop internal bleeding, as does cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper works quickly, but oh the burn! Yarrow powder is not quite as aggressive.


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