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  2. Just found you “Handy Granny in the Woods” and am ‘splorin all the goodies you share. :) With my better half thinking i am a kook, trying to be prepared is challenging at best…he also manages the$so purchasing anything for preps is camouflaged in “normal” shopping or purchased with birthday/Christmas $. That being said, i am scurrying around like the squirrels ( i fight with) for the mini-pecans dropping in our yard, trying to prepare for the “winter” ahead. Knowledge is my major prep and i value that stockpile as much as the food/supplies we have. Appreciate the knowhow you share and the wit with which you share it….a spoonful of sugar and all…. well, in this case, it keeps the panic from the seriousness of the subject matter at bay. Thank you :) looking forward to discovering gold in your treasure room ! ….Oh….i cannot seem to comment/like at the bottom of your posts without signing up for a web page with word press. I am not too tech savvy….will continue to try leaving comments and not send these large missives….joyce

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment Joyce, I appreciate the feed back. Handy granny blog is a labor of love. Glad you can hang around, I’ll try and get some new stuff posted as soon as our busy season slows down a bit out here in the backwoods. Sorry about the comments section needing to be signed up for, I’m not a whiz at this computer business either, I’ll see if I can’t work on that. Thanks again so much.


      1. Just made it back to this area of your site….thank you for your sweet response, I’m sorry to not have seen it earlier. Have been wondering how this snow is treating you. Hoping you are tucked away indoors enjoying all those things you looked forward to durring the busy season out of doors. Winter comes every year, pretty much at the same time but i seem to always feel as if it has dropped on me like a rock….EVERY year ! We burn wood to heat but don’t “homestead” other than that. My small garden/herb garden have gone to sleep sadly needing rain. Still looking for a warm day or two to put out a new crop of walking onions and a bit of garlic. This past weekend was the first hard freeze here in Iowa and it has the birds/squirrels checking for the feeders we put out after snow covers everything. The heated birdbath is on the to-do-list….needing to dumping out the ice makes no one happy. I now have the digital copy of your book and after this week should have it finished……love it so far. You have many points of information i had not considered but feel very familiar. We share the Amish connection….my father was raised old order in the Kalona area but never joined the church. Instead, he joined the service as a young man but was never shunned by my grandma or his five sisters so i enjoyed that side of my family and was exposed to the self sufficient lifestyle early. Have been watching for a new post and totally understand you have been busy….will keep looking for another helpful and witty yet informative piece of this puzzle called preparedness…..joyce

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  3. Hello, now that the busy “gathering together” season has past…though i’m still putting to rights after OUR gathering on New years….i am hopeful for a new post from HandyGranny. If for no other reason than to know all is well in the U.P. though your take on the___________ (current subject you write on) is much anticipated! Have seen more than one of my posters of info/comments go”missing”in the past few months though and wonder if you also have gone gray in the effort at self preservation. Praying all is well in your corner of this unpredictable world…..

    P.S. Smiled ALOT/VERY big when reading about your feather removal device !!!


    1. Wow, has it been busy! I got a new computer and am having a dickens of a time making this thing work for me. Hopefully, I should be up and running shortly with a new post. This year I think I am going to take this thing in a slightly different direction. Stay tuned. Lots of good information and stories are on their way. Wishing you and yours the best year ever. Good to hear from you Joyce.


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