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I started the blog shamelessly to promote my book. But the universe is never static, it is always moving and changing. So, more and more helpful anti-dotes, stories and remedies  will be added as time moves forward. I am an educator by nature having completed formal schooling with a Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences in the year 2000 graduating with honors. However, my education didn’t just stop because I left the schooling/ education process, it was but the beginning. Therefore, it was a natural progression into the study of herbs  and herbal medicine. I am simply fascinated by the bio-chemistry of different plant species and what they have taught us about healing the human body. Plants are truly Gods’ gift to us. Our ancient ancestors knew this.

Today, Hubby and I live on a 40 acre very rural homestead in the middle of a national forest. We live out here with a respect for the wild things and a passionate zest for self-reliance. The first few years on this forested acreage, I lived alone without electricity and plumbing, later meeting and then marrying my husband. Then together we began our journey into woodland farming. It has been a wonderful learning experience living, building and loving our beautiful livable homestead.

On the back cover of my book I proclaim that self-reliance is like flipping the middle finger to those sadistic corporate slave drivers. For the last couple hundred years our economy has demanded we all get on the wage slave hamster wheel and there is just no getting around that fact. However, we can take pride in the little things we can do for ourselves, severing some of the corpulent corporate fingers that find their way into our pockets.

Within my community of family and friends, there are people who absolutely fall apart when the power is out for even a few hours. And some find themselves traumatized  when discover they have accidentally left their cell phone behind. I watched as a severe panic reaction begins and the person is unable to work or function. All because this little plastic technological intruder is not within reach.  An addiction as powerful as any drug, it seems.

Ancient basic survival skills and just plain know-how are being lost to us by each passing generation. We have systematically been imprisoned in a just in time delivery house of cards. Push over just one card and it all falls down. Just in time comes to a screeching, chaotic halt. It has been within our recent history too, that when a life ending disaster strikes, FEMA locks their doors due to inclement weather or simply becomes terribly unorganized and unhelpful, as after hurricane Katrina. Government officials just couldn’t decide who among them was in charge, so no one ended up making the necessary decisions. Lawlessness, violence and many deaths were the result of this agencies incompetency. How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out was extensively researched and written for people who believe there will always be someone available to help them or for those who wish just be to a little more self-reliant. This blog highlights the book and along the way took on a life of its own. Walk beside us while we explore basic know-how for living a satisfying and comfortable life. When the Power Is Out was a labor of love towards that self-reliant lifestyle.

Janet L. Noakes, March 2015




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