Bulking up Your Immune System

“It is unfortunate that Americans are digging their graves with their knives and forks. The refined carbohydrates and processed food diet that many people live on leads to the development of degenerative illnesses as we age—namely, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Essential to the health of our digestive tract and immune system is to eat a large variety of colorful foods, especially fruits.” Dr. Joel Fuhrman, St. Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, N.J.

We have been conditioned, propagandized, and brain washed by major media and commercial TV that people need run to the Doctor at the first sign of a hang nail. The baby sneezes, run her to the Doctor. We have become helpless in our own health, and it is by design.

“Iatrogenic is a term used when a patient dies as a direct result of treatments by a physician, whether it is from misdiagnosis of the ailment or from adverse drug reactions used to treat the illness.”   Dr. Ted Broer

“Healthy Americans Kill Profits for Pharmaceutical Companies!,” Dr. Ted bellows, then adds, “Consider the 2003 study that found that nearly half of medical school faculties who serve on institutional review boards to advise on clinical trial research also serve as consultants to the pharmaceutical industry. And the public is mostly unaware of these interlocking interests.”


Listen up! 30 years ago, medicine and lawyers were forbidden from advertising on Television. Somewhere along the line, lobbyists got our bureaucratic brotherhood of a government to change that. Now, TV commercials encourage you to ask your doctor to prescribe a particular pill to help you manage your symptoms. Then they list 25 deadly side effects. Scary as hell!

So, let’s break down this word; symptom, what is a symptom?

Symptom; a sign, an indication, a token or mark. Take it for what it’s worth but if you take a pill to manage your symptoms/sign, indication, token, or mark you are covering up what your body is trying to tell you. Your immunity is acting up or painful because you need know something, something needs your attention or change. That pill may make you feel better for awhile, but the problem is not solved.

Take cold sores for instance.  “Cold sores or fever blisters, are caused by herpes simplex virus. The virus lodges in the nervous system, and occasionally manifests in short-lived, but painful, fluid-filled blisters on the skin and mucous membranes, particularly around the mouth and nose. Canker sores are similar, and can be brought on by the herpes virus as well as by allergies, anemia, or poor intestinal flora. Some women experience canker sores with hormonal changes.

Canker sores and cold sores reflect a weakened immune system. When exhausted or stress set in, the virus express itself. This is one more reason why it is important to keep the immune system functioning optimally at all times.”  Gary Null, Ph.D

Your first line of defense then, is your immune system.

From Live Science; human-body-immune-130708

The immune system protects the body against disease or other potentially damaging foreign bodies. When functioning properly, the immune system identifies and attacks a variety of threats, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, while distinguishing them from the body’s own healthy tissue.

The Lymphatic system consists of bone marrow, spleen, thymus and lymph nodes.

Bone marrow produces white blood cells, or leukocytes.

The spleen is the largest lymphatic organ in the body contains white blood cells that fight infection or disease.

The thymus is where T-cells mature. T-cells help destroy infected or cancerous cells.

Lymph nodes produce and store cells that fight infection and disease.

Lymphocytes and leukocytes are small white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body against disease.

The two types of lymphocytes are B-cells, which make antibodies that attack bacteria and toxins, and T-cells, which help destroy infected or cancerous cells.

Leukocytes are white blood cells that identify and eliminate pathogens .

Do you really want to suppress this wonderful mechanism?


Boosting your immune system takes a long time to accomplish. Give yourself at least one year, it takes a commitment. I understand there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to act or even think about your own health. We are just too busy and some days it seems, there is just no physical or mental energy left to worry about it.

So, what can you do?. . .

  • If you do nothing else, take at least 2,000IU’s of vitamin D3 and a K2 tablet once a day. Try to eat something with supplements if you take them first thing in the day.

Every person that lives north of about Nashville, Ten. is deficient in Vitamin D3. And most likely those folks are too.   Vitamin K2 is the equivalent of eating a big bowl of green leafy vegetable. D and K work together. offers a very good vitamin D3 product, they also have two immune support products you may want to check out, too. Never buy store brand vitamins and always read the labels because cheap vitamins add fillers and things you don’t need or want in your body. Excellent article for your consideration;

  • Next find a good quality B-complex with C and/or bioflavinoids, supplement.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids are so very important. Our western diet pollutes the body with rancid French fry oil. That oil is carcinogenic, which means it forces a nasty chemical reaction in the body. In other words, potatoes cooked at high temperatures in vegetable oil creates a chemical reaction that is toxic to the human body. For more on this vegetable starch verses hot oil chemical called acrylamide, see;
  • Stay away from milk and all milk products, including cheese until you get yourself up and running again. (Give yourself the gift of time, about one year.) Besides, the human body really doesn’t need milk past the age of two, no matter what milk producers tell you in their shining brochures and TV commercials.
  • Eat fresh as often as possible. Fast food and junk food fill the empty tummy with more toxins and little nutrition which over taxes the liver and struggling immune system. (Think about your childrens behavior. Toxic food chemicals create monsters!) If you are physically able, fast for three full days twice  year to totally reset all your body systems. Fasting does the body good, and intermittent fasting will work too. Intermittent fasting envolves withholding food for about 18 to 20 hours, several times a month.
  • Get yourself a good rebounder and use it at least once a day. Your lymph system works similar to your blood stream, only the lymph system doesn’t have a heart muscle to pump and circulate it. Exercise moves your lymph system. Jump on your tiny trampoline for at least 10 minutes a day. Bounce your booty.
  • Sleep naked! This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Elastic waist bands stop the flow of your lymph system trying to clean toxins and backs them up where the tight clothing congests the toxins. Quite similar to a back-up on a congested highway. Often this can result in skin eruptions. Those backed-up toxins are looking for an escape route. If you wear a bra to bed, ladies, you are asking for trouble!
  • Sleep in a cool room. 68 degrees is ideal, make sure the room is dark also. Do not, under any circumstances put your cell phone near your head at night. Shut the damn thing off.(I’d toss it as far as you can throw it.) At all costs, turn off the Wi-Fi, too. The negative energy is bad, bad for you and your families brain health.
  • Take your shoes off and walk bare foot when the weather is warm. Put your little tooties in the dirt. Believe it or not dirt is an anti-depressant and an immune booster. There are enzymes in the soil that react when it comes in contact with the skin creating biological, healthy, immune boosters. These enzymes, also are anti-depressant activators. Have you ever seen a depressed gardener?
  • Sit quiet for 10 minutes a day or meditate whenever possible. The quietness recharges the batteries.

Don’t forget to give yourself love. You take care of everyone else, be sure to put yourself on your list. Pour yourself a warm, candle lit, bubble bath once in awhile, you deserve it.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, Gary Null Ph.D. You probably can find it on




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