19th & 20th Century Domestic Divas

Welcome to 19th and 20th Century Domestic Dive page. You have come to the right page to hear the voices of an era past. Your Grandmother was a domestic goddess in her own right, feeding, cleaning and playing nursemaid to her family and often to an extended family. Her knowledge and talents were generally past down to her daughters. As time has progressed, modern appliances and technology have stolen from us our ancestral memories.

In a few very ancient cultures women were the landholder, the authoritarian and peacemaker of the household. The house and land belonged to her alone and was often past down to her youngest daughter. When the youngest daughter took a mate they would live in the house and care for the aging parents, eventually inheriting the house and land. For more on this subject, go to  http://ladyoffire.com  a site put out by Robert Morning Sky.  His philosophy and knowledge of this subject  comes from ancient Indian peoples. Very, very interesting take on the Matriarchal history of our ancestors.  My how things have changed!

Bookmark this page and check back often as it will be updated, hopefully quite regularly. Please feel free to add your grandmothers voice to this page by writing a her story and  e-mailing it to indawoodshomesteader@yahoo.com. I will add it here. Thank you in advance.


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